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M.Tech Civil Engineering Dissertation

In the world of engineering, there are many fields. In this, there are many technologies on which everyone is working on the field that they like. So like this there is a field of Civil Engineering that also has many technologies on which students have to make their projects. Sometimes it is difficult to select any one of the technology in it. To make it simple, you can talk to us and tell them your requirements and interest. On the basis of interest, we suggest you some topics on which you can work easily. The students who already have some topics they can come up for the engineering training and project and do register with us. Our expert team is waiting for you to help and guide you in the best way. You can also reach us for custom projects as well.

At XiLiR Technologies, you can make the engineering M.Tech projects by yourself at our premises under our team help & guidance. Below you can find the technologies in which there is a list of latest topics so go through these topics for civil engineering projects. After that, contact us we will let you know if any type of advancement can be done in it according to your requirements. You can also come up with your topics as well and we help you out in making that project and guide you as well.

Procedure at XiLiR Technologies

1. Selection of topic IEEE Based | Selecting the right Tool
We guide Students to select the latest innovative topic on trending technologies. Students can come up with their own topics. We recommend selection Standard thesis topics from international journals like IEEE based.

We make Proper Synopsis on the Selected Topic with new work and technique to be implemented.

2. Topic Approval From your College Mentor/Guide
Your college mentor /Guide is the person who accepts the topic then we proceed further.

3. Literature survey
The literature survey is done for the topic you have selected from previous years papers.

4. The conclusion of the literature survey
Conclusion after Studying previous work on the selected topic.

5. Base Paper implementation
We guide students on how to make a working model of project from selected base paper.
Selected Base Paper is Implemented so that we can improve the result and Apply new Techniques for enhanced work.

6. Proposed work Implementation | Research Work
New techniques are Designed and applied to the Working model or Simulation Circuit for Enhanced results.
Complete Training is Given to the student on how to make a working model for your project.

7. New results and analysis
The new results from a working model are taken out and compared with the previous working model.

8. Get result Verification from your mentor
Verifying your work from college mentor/guide.

9. Thesis and Research paper Writing without Plagiarism.
Complete thesis and Research paper for Final submission in college / University. Thesis/paper are made and edited and are completely plagiarism free and report on plagiarism is given to the students.
We check thesis on the latest online software like Turnitin, plagiarism x checker etc .

10. Get Your Work Published in Leading Journals like IEEE, Scopus, UGC approved or as Required.
We help students to published their research in Internal journals or as required by students.

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